Thursday, 25 August 2011

Long time no crafting!

Hi, well it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog, I've been far too busy with work and trying to keep the garden and house reasonably straight to do any crafting :(

My husband and I have started walking again this summer, something we used to do quite often in our early twenties when we were skint and bored lol! We have already had some awesome walks up in the Peak District around Hathersage and Edale. We even managed a night camping and then took the hard route up Kinder Scout. Boy, did I know I'd done that walk :D I have a couple of albums on my FB account, it's so gorgeous up there at the moment as all the heather is in bloom :) Kinder Scout and Hathersage, Higger Tor and Padley Gorge

I did manage to knock a couple of cards together for friends who had asked if I could make them cards for special occasions, I made a Diamond wedding card but forgot to take a picture! Oh hum! lol! I also made a new baby card for everyone at the co-op I work at to sign for one of our staff members, his wife has just had a gorgeous baby girl :) And I did remember to take a picture... I just haven't put it on my computer yet lol!

I dread this time of year now as I am 'expected' to make cards for all and sundry for Xmas, it's become more of a chore, rather than being something I enjoy but I know that my cards are appreciated so I shouldn't complain lol!

I'll pop that photo on some time in the next couple of days and I may even get around to making my sister a house warming card too lol!

Speak to you all soon
Anna x

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