Sunday, 18 January 2009

No updates :(

Well I did start a scrap kit before Xmas for the New Year but my computer has been playing up. The stupid thing was constantly crashing, even after installing new hardware, formatting and re-installing new software, you name it, me and the hubby tried it. Finally the only thing left to change was the mouse, yeah I know, the fact that it was crashing when I'd been using the scrolly wheel to zoom about did cross my mind and I mentioned this to hubby about 3 WEEKS ago!!! He said there was no way my mouse could cause my computer to crash, HA! famous last words!!! Finally changed the mouse and Hey Presto! No more crashing. So I might eventually finish the kit and post it anyhoo, even though it's well past Xmas and the New Year now.

Also I start my new course next week, I'm taking on a part time course with the OU and I'm hoping eventually to finish my degree, it'll take longer this way but hopefully there will be less pressure and I can work at the same time.

That's all for now folks, happy scrappin