Marker Pen Storage

Hi all, well a little something different today a storage solution for all those markers you're hoarding lol!   This is an old project, I think I made it last year as I needed a better storage solution for my Promarkers and couldn't afford to by fancy schmancy expensive ones lol!

I had intended to make a post showing how to do this and totally forgot about it, sorry for the blurry photos, I think I took these with my old camera.    I thought I'd post this as a kind of tutorial as it may be useful to someone.   Also, yes that is my crappy old desk, still waiting for Mark to build me a new one, the craft/computer room is a work in process lol!

I also have a ton more Promarkers now, some of the limited addition and a load of Flex Markers so I am now in need of even more storage, I 'did' have 2 of these old cd racks but I threw one away before I'd thought of a use for it *sigh*

So what you need to make this project

An old CD rack
Empty CD cases
Thick card stock
wet glue
Red line tape

So to start you will needs some strong card stock and it needs measure the length of a plastic cd case by about 14 1/4in, then measure out along the long edge 3/4in sections and score along these lines.  These measurements are just a guide as it depends which pens you are making this for.

 Then you need to fold the score lines in a mountain, valley, valley pattern as in the picture
 Turn the card over and add wet glue to the areas I have marked in the next image and press each section together, it might be easier to look at how I've done this in the image as it's difficult to explain.

 You should end up with this
 Turn over the piece you've just created and apply redline tape to the edges

 Adhere to the cd case

To make the label strips I typed up all the original colours for Promarkers in Open office in a table and then printed, cut them out to fit the ends of the cd cases and then coloured them with the appropriate marker.

Now just repeat for however many CD case you have :)

I am going to paint mine eventually lol! What can I say, I'm a procrastinator :D

I love mine and I was pleased with myself for recycling and old piece of rubbish that was going to the skip.  Still kicking myself for chucking the other one out though lol!

Happy Crafting
Anna x


Flowers From Your Cricut

Simple, inexpensive flower embellishments using your Cricut or other electronic die cutting machine , alcohol markers and white paper.

Happy Crafting
Anna x

Easter Chicks Tutorial

A cute tutorial using Stampin' Up products to make Easter chicks and some other ideas on how to use the owl punch.

Here's a finished card using my chickies, I think they're fun and just a bit silly, sure to bring a smile :)  There is a video if you would rather watch that at the end of the tutorial.

Lets get started :)

Scraps of yellow, orange, pale yellow, white, black and pale peach light card stock
Adhesive (I used Anita's tacky glue and a Sakura quickie glue pen)
Ink pads (I used Colorbox chalk petal pads in tangerine and yellow citrus for the chick and Stampin up cake crumb for the egg

1. Cut 4 owls, 2 in yellow and 2 in orange, 2 chest pieces in pale yellow, 1 of the small circles in yellow, 2 small circles in white, 1 heart in orange and 2 tiny circles in black (alternatively you could draw these on using a black pen)

2. Cut the feet off the yellow owls and sponge the edges

3. Glue the yellow owls over the orange base

4. Cut of the owls ears, rounding of the corners so you get a nice shape and then touch up the sponged areas

5. Do this to both sets and sponge the small yellow circle with the orange ink

6. Next sponge the 2 chest pieces with the yellow ink and glue to the main body of the chick

7. Cut the small yellow circle in half, sponge the cut edge and assemble the eyes

8. Glue the eyes just above the chest and then glue the beak (orange heart) in place, overlapping the eyes slightly

9. For the egg you need a scrap of pale peach card stock, punch an owl from a piece of copier paper.

Cut off the feet and the use to draw a rough template for the bottom half of the egg. It needs to be a couple of mm wider than the actual chick.

Then draw a rough line to join the two sides of the egg together and cut out

10. Sponge the edges of the egg with your brown ink pad

11. Glue the egg on to the chick with no face

And there you have your two chickies ready to decorate your card, I made several and chnged the position of the eyes to get different expressions.

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial,
Happy Crafting
Anna x

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